Medical Cannabis

WeedWell™ is an online clinic and resource hub that provides education and access to medical cannabis.

Some of the ways we help medical cannabis patients:

  • Evaluating and assessing patients that are suitable for medical cannabis therapy.
  • Removing barriers to accessing medical cannabis.
  • Working with your current health care team including your family physician or specialists to ensure you get the best results.
  • Helping patients navigate the paperwork and forms at every step, including registering with a Licensed Producer.
  • Ongoing support and education to help patients re-issue medical documents, track their progress, refill their prescriptions and more.

Our Purpose

We provide medical cannabis education and personalized treatment plans to those considering cannabis as an option to achieve their health and wellness goals.

Our Promise

At WeedWell™, we promise to help you navigate high quality information about medical cannabis so you have confidence in your journey towards wellness.

Recreational & Medical Marijuana: What’s the Difference?


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What Motivates Us?


At WeedWell™, we begin with the conviction that for some patients, cannabis-based therapies can hold the key to unlocking a fuller life. Cannabis is not a magic bullet or a one-size-fits all solution. Still, individuals suffering from medical conditions ranging from arthritis to multiple sclerosis, continue to report the difference medical cannabis has made in their journey towards wellness.

Increasingly, patients who have tried and exhausted therapies such as narcotics, sedatives and even natural alternatives, with little or no success, are now turning to medical marijuana for relief.

There is a growing body of research concerning the medicinal value of medical marijuana which supports its safety and efficacy for therapeutic purposes yet medical marijuana has its benefits and risks, not unlike any other treatment you may have undertaken.

While marijuana has proven to be an effective alternative treatment option for some patients, it is not necessarily suitable for ALL patients. Appropriate medical assessment by a physician is required to determine whether medicinal marijuana should be considered as a treatment.

WeedWell™ is here to help you determine if this treatment path is right for you. Our staff and physicians will provide a free in person or video based assessment to help you determine if medical cannabis may be right for you. 

Every day we partner with thousands of clients in their health care, as we guide them through the process of considering cannabis as a therapeutic option, acquiring a prescription, administering the therapy, and tracking the effectiveness of their personal treatment plan.

If you are considering medical marijuana as a treatment option, we encourage you to contact us today to experience firsthand our unwavering commitment to quality in the services we deliver.